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Deploy MongoDB & S3 Storage

Kudos Boards requires an S3 object store, and a Mongo database. This documentation will deploy a Minio S3 storage container & MongoDB replicaSet into the Swarm setup.

If you already have externally hosted mongo database and/or S3 storage please contact us for assistance in utilising them.


  1. Docker swarm with Portainer up and running Guide here
  2. Storage Config File downloaded

Update config file

Key Description
x-minio-access Your minio ACCESS KEY as defined in your docker swarm config
x-minio-secret Your minio SECRET KEY as defined in your docker swarm config

Optional: if you only want to deploy one of these services you can remove the other, ie under services:, delete either the mongo: or minio: sections.


  1. Open Portainer and login
  2. Select your primary endpoint
  3. Choose Stacks from the side menu
  4. Click Add Stack
  5. Name your stack Storage
  6. Browse to your customised config file
  7. Click "Deploy the stack"