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Buzzy for Connections On-Prem Help Guide

Basic instructions for deploying buzzy into Kubernetes -or- IBM Cloud Private for on-premise IBM Connections environments


  1. Kubernetes -or- IBM Cloud Private is installed and running
  2. WebSphere environment with Web Server
  3. kubectl is installed
  4. mongodb setup and running
  5. SMTP gateway setup for email notifications
  6. Config file downloaded
  7. Dockerhub account setup with access to Buzzy repository

Configure kubectl


  • copy \$HOME/kube/.config from the primary server to the same location locally (backup any existing local config)

IBM Cloud Private

  • Open ICP Console
  • Go to Admin (top right)
  • Click Config Client
  • Copy the contents shown
  • Open your command line / terminal
  • Paste the commands copied earlier and press enter

Setup Buzzy namespace

kubectl create namespace buzzy

Setup secrets

  1. Dockerhub credentials
        kubectl create secret docker-registry dockerhub --docker-username=<username> --docker-password=<password> --docker-email=<email> --namespace=buzzy

Deploy Buzzy

  1. edit buzzy.yml and enter details at the following lines:
Key Line Description
spec.containers.env.value 50 URL you are deploying Buzzy to, including https://
spec.containers.env.value 54 Enter your mongoDB credentials
spec.containers.env.value 56 Enter your mongoDB debug credentials
spec.containers.env.value 58 Enter your SMTP details
spec.containers.env.AWS_BUZZY_FILES 71-77 Your individual AWS details for file storage
spec.containers.env.MAIL_URL 126 Enter your SMTP details as above
spec.containers.env.BUZZY_ADMIN_IDS 128 Enter Admin user ids
spec.containers.env.public.AWS_BUZZY_FILES 230 More AWS details for files
spec.containers.env.public.BUZZY_CUSTOM.NAME 366 Company Name
spec.containers.env.public.BUZZY_CUSTOM.LOGO_MAIN 369 URL of your main logo
spec.containers.env.public.BUZZY_CUSTOM.LOGO_MAIL 370 URL of us in Email
spec.containers.env.public.BUZZY_CUSTOM.EMAIL_FOOTER 373 Email Footer
spec.containers.env.public.BUZZY_CUSTOM.PROMO_URL 376 Splash image
spec.containers.env.public.BUZZY_CUSTOM.WELCOME_IMAGE 377 Welcome Image
  1. create your services
    kubectl apply -f buzzy.yml
    service has NodePort (ie 30289 which maps to 30buz on keypads)
    accessible on <server-ip>:30289
  2. add new DNS record for Buzzy URL

Add Websphere Config

Please follow these instructions

Add IBM Connections widgets

Please follow these instructions

Setup SSO

  • Login with email address - eg as Admin
  • Create a new team - eg Org Name (Hamburger -> Billing & Teams -> New Team) - choose a really short team name as users will need to type this in and it's case sensitive.
  • Go to Team -> Settings -> Add Provider -> IBM Connections On Premise
  • Fill out provider settings for the On Premise server
  • Restart the Buzzy server
  • Login with Connections On Prem button and type the team name in.