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Kudos Boards for Docker Swarm

Basic instructions for deploying Kudos Boards into Docker Swarm for on-premise IBM Connections environments


  1. Docker Swarm with Portainer installed. Guide here
  2. Storage - an accessible MongoDB and S3 object store. Guide here
  3. SMTP gateway setup for email notifications
  4. Config File downloaded
  5. Dockerhub account with access to Kudos Boards repository.

Send your account details to if you don't already have this.

  1. SSL certificate - You will need to use a certificate that covers at least the 2 domains you plan to use, for example Kudos Boards cloud uses the domains and The certificate should be pem encoded with a separate key file.

Setup OAuth

Kudos Boards currently supports the following oAuth providers for authentication and integration: HCL Connections (on premise), IBM Connections Cloud and Microsoft Office 365.

You will need to setup an OAuth application with one (or more) of these providers for Kudos Boards to function. please refer to the following documentation:

Provider Registration / Documentation Callback URL
IBM Connections (on premise) Kudos instructions https://[BOARDS_URL]/auth/connections/callback
Microsoft Office 365 Azure app registrations https://[BOARDS_URL]/auth/msgraph/callback
Google Google Console https://[BOARDS_URL]/auth/google/callback
LinkedIn LinkedIn https://[BOARDS_URL]/auth/linkedin/callback
Facebook Facebook developer centre https://[BOARDS_URL]/auth/facebook/callback

Update config file

Swarm Variables:

Key Description
x-minio-access Minio ACCESS_KEY as defined in your docker swarm config
x-minio-secret Minio SECRET_KEY as defined in your docker swarm config
x-app-env.APP_URI https://[BOARDS_URL]
services.webfront.deploy.labels Update the traefik.frontend.rule your [BOARDS_URL] (no protocol)
services.core.deploy.labels Update the traefik.frontend.rule with your [API_URL] (no protocol)

Boards Variables:

Follow instructions on this page


  1. Open Portainer and login
  2. Select your primary endpoint
  3. Choose Stacks from the side menu
  4. Click Add Stack
  5. Name your stack kudos-boards
  6. Browse to your customised config file
  7. Click "Deploy the stack"

Update DNS

Update DNS records with a CNAME entry pointing to your swarm URL.

For example: -> ->

HCL Connections integrations

Please follow these instructions


You can also run Kudos Boards with externally hosted mongo database and/or S3 storage. For assistance with this contact


The Boards services can be updated through the Portainer interface, or alternatively these commands should force latest images to run

docker service update --force --image redis:latest boards/redis
docker service update --force --image iswkudos/kudos-boards-docker:webfront boards/webfront
docker service update --force --image iswkudos/kudos-boards-docker:core boards/core
docker service update --force --image iswkudos/kudos-boards-docker:boards boards/app
docker service update --force --image iswkudos/kudos-boards-docker:user boards/user
docker service update --force --image iswkudos/kudos-boards-docker:licence boards/licence
docker service update --force --image iswkudos/kudos-boards-docker:provider boards/provider
docker service update --force --image iswkudos/kudos-boards-docker:notification boards/notification

If you must update the Portainer/Traefik images, try these commands:

docker service update --force --image portainer/portainer:latest portainer/portainer
docker service update --force --image portainer/agent:latest portainer/portainer
docker service update --force --image traefik:alpine proxy/proxy