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Outlook personal

Kudos Boards plugin (for single users)

The instructions on this page use 'The new Outlook' however you can also add and use this plugin from 'classic Outlook' or Outlook desktop.

Microsoft 365 admins can add this for all users in their tenant, instructions here

  1. Open Outlook and click New Message


  2. Click the ... menu -> Get Add-ins


  3. Click My Add-ins then Add a custom add-in -> Add from URL


  4. Provide the url: and click OK.


  5. Click Install then close the add-in dialogue.


  6. Verify the add-in is installed by clicking the ... menu again.


  7. You will now be able to:

    Save emails from Outlook as a card in your board

    Save email

    Attach boards, lists and cards to an email.