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Starting a trial of Kudos Boards Cloud

The first time you sign in to Kudos Boards Cloud as an individual user, you will not have a licence to use the product. This means you will not have the ability to create new boards. The New Board tile/button will not be functional and will appear to be greyed out. Hovering the mouse over this button will present the following tooltip message:


As the message states, you have the option to start a free trial on first sign in. To start the trial, either click the START A TRIAL button presented at the bottom of the screen:


Or click the user menu icon in the top right corner, then click Start my trial:


Once you start the trial you will have unrestricted access to use Kudos boards for the period of one month. The option to purchase a subscription to the product is also an available option by clicking View Subscriptions under the same user menu, as seen above.