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Start Page

The picture below shows a start page with colourful tiles. Each tile is one Board with names (blurred in this image), when it was last accessed, progress on tasks and more.

Home Page

On this start page you can:

  • Create a new Board by clicking on the Plus sign and Create

  • Open an existing Board by clicking on one of the tiles

  • Search for a Board by entering the search word in the Search Boards field at the top

  • Filter Boards by My, Public and Archive

  • Sort Boards by Recent and Last accessed

  • Colours These are colour tags you can drag and drop onto the tiles. Click on the menu to edit the tags.

  • Add tags to the Boards for easy sorting and filtering in the same way as with colours above.

  • See all your collected tasks from all your Boards by clicking on Todos

  • Find the template library by clicking on Templates