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Creating Templates

Made a fantastic board and want to keep a copy for future use? Save time and brain power by creating a template of your board.

Create a Template From an Existing Board

Within your board, click the pencil icon on the right-hand side under the question mark, to Open Board Options. Next, click the fourth option in the right-hand side menu, Create Board from Template.

In the next window, you can update the name, description, tags, decide if you want to reference the source template (ie the board you’re making it from), and add a due date if you wish. Click Create. The template will open in a new screen.

You’ll be able to locate it in your template library via the main dashboard or when you create a new board and search the name.

Important: When the template opens in a new screen, any editing will you do will apply to the template. Click in to the Open Board Options icon as you did above and select, Create Board from Template. When the new window opens, you’ll start a new board instead of editing the template you’ve just created.

Create a New Template from Scratch

From your main My Boards dashboard, navigate to Templates via the left-hand side menu. You’ll land on the Public Templates page and see global templates or templates from your organisation.

Click the + New Template button to start your creation.

Public Template Access: Making a template in the public area, will not automatically make it public. Within the template you create, you’ll be able to select if you wish for it to be public. This option is found in the Members section on the right-hand side menu.

Complete the required information for your template, then click Create.

Your new template will open as a blank board template. From here, you can add your required lists, cards, colour labels, tags and more.

In future, when creating a new board, type in the template name in the Search All Templates field, during the New Board creation phase.

Note: Opening a board via the template library will mean you are editing the template. You can create a new board from the template by:

  • Entering the template, clicking the pencil icon for Open Board Options, then selecting, Create Board from Template; or
  • Creating a new board via your My Boards dashboard, and typing in the template name in the Search All Templates search bar.
  • Find out more about Accessing Global Templates