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Team Logins

Options for ENSURE_TEAMS

This array of teams defines which organisations/providers are pre-configured when Kudos Boards starts. This is required in order to login.

Key Description
name If defining multiple teams you may use this long description to help determine which is which
teamName A Unique name to identify your team, this should be kept short and not contain any spaces, punctuation or special characters
provider Your oauth provider, available options are
connections - Connections on premise
smartcloud - Connections cloud
msgraph - Office 365 or Azure AD
externalId Based on the provider you chose above:
connections - Connections domain base64 encoded (Optional - calculated from oAuth.baseURL)
smartcloud - your organisation id
msgraph - your tenant id
admins Defines which users who login with this organisation are considered administrators.
It is an array of Emails or IDs (for Connections this is PROF_GUID). For example:
"admins": ["", "", "PROF_GUID_3"],
frameUrl The URL of the Connections Header frame configured in this step.
OPTIONAL: Only required if you are running the Connections App Loader WAS application and desire the Boards experience to always include the HCL Connections header
oAuth.baseURL Your Connections url, only needed if you chose connections as your provider.

For example:

    "name" : "<COMPANY NAME>",
    "teamName" : "connections",
    "provider" : "connections",
    "admins": ["", "", "PROF_GUID_3"],
    "frameUrl": "https://[CONNECTIONS_URL]/boards",
    "oAuth" : {
      "baseURL" : "https://[CONNECTIONS_URL]"
    "globalOAuth": true