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Update Config file

Please set the following ENV variables in your config file

Key Description
webfront.env.API_GATEWAY https://[API_URL]
webfront.env.DEFAULT_TEAM Name of the team users will primarily login with.
This will be shown on the login page.
It must match a team defined in ENSURE_TEAMS below )
Optional: Only set if you are authenticating with multiple providers.
core.env.NOTIFIER_EMAIL_HOST SMTP gateway hostname, ie
core.env.NOTIFIER_EMAIL_USERNAME Optional: SMTP gateway authentication.
Setting a value will enable auth and use the default port of 587
core.env.NOTIFIER_EMAIL_PASSWORD Optional: SMTP gateway authentication password
core.env.NOTIFIER_EMAIL_PORT Optional: SMTP gateway port.
Default: 25 (OR 587 if NOTIFIER_EMAIL_USERNAME is set)
core.env.NOTIFIER_EMAIL_FROM_NAME Optional: Emails are sent from this name.
Default: Kudos Boards
core.env.NOTIFIER_EMAIL_FROM_EMAIL Optional: Emails are sent from this email address.
core.env.NOTIFIER_EMAIL_SUPPORT_EMAIL Optional: Support link shown in emails.
core.env.NOTIFIER_EMAIL_HELP_URL Optional: Help link shown in new user welcome email.
provider.env.WIDGET_ID Optional: ID of the Community widget configured in this step
user.env.CONNECTIONS_NAME Optional: If you refer to 'Connections' by another name, set it here
user.env.CONNECTIONS_CLIENT_ID oAuth client-id, usually kudosboards
user.env.CONNECTIONS_CLIENT_SECRET oAuth client-secret as configured in this step
user.env.CONNECTIONS_URL HCL Connections URL, ie
user.env.ENSURE_TEAMS See here for details on the values available