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IBM Connections Widget Setup

Basic instructions for adding Kudos Boards Docker widgets into IBM Connections on-premise environments

Community Widget

Check out the widgets-config.xml file.

ProfilesConfigService.checkOutWidgetConfig("/LCCheckedOut", AdminControl.getCell())

Edit the widgets-config.xml file. Find the resource element with the type of community, e.g. <resource ... type="community" ... >, then under <widgets>, then within <definitions> add the following, replacing [BOARDS_URL] with your URL:

<!-- Kudos Boards -->
<widgetDef defId="Kudos Boards" modes="view fullpage" url="{webresourcesSvcRef}/web/" themes="wpthemeNarrow wpthemeWide wpthemeBanner" uniqueInstance="true">
  <item name="resourceId" value="{resourceId}"/>
    <item name="width" value="100%"/>
    <item name="height" value="500px"/>
    <item name="url" value="https://[BOARDS_URL]/boards/community/connections"/>
<!-- END Kudos Boards -->

Check in the widgets-config.xml file.


Activity Stream widget

Access Homepage->Administrator

Select the following:

  • Open Social Gadget
  • Trusted and Use SSO
  • Show for Activity Stream events
  • All servers

Click the Add Mapping button.

Add a Mapping for the Kudos Boards service to the Kudos client. Ensure OAuth Client is set to conn-ee and the Service name is Kudos Boards. Click the Ok button

Enter the following, replacing [BOARDS_URL] with your URL:

Field Value
Title Kudos Boards Activity Stream
URL Address http://[BOARDS_URL]/stream/connections
Secure URL Address https://[BOARDS_URL]/stream/connections
ICON URL http://[BOARDS_URL]/favicon.ico
ICON SECURE URL https://[BOARDS_URL]/favicon.ico


  • Use IBM Connections specific tags
  • Opened by default

Select the following Prerequisites:

  • oauthprovider
  • webresources
  • oauth
  • opensocial

Scroll down and Click Save