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Connections Apps Menu


Add to Apps Menu

  • If you have not customised the apps.jsp file for your connections environment, please make a copy of the file.

    • You can access the file from:

    • Paste the copy into the common\nav\templates subdirectory in the customization directory:

  • To add the Kudos Boards app links add the following lines towards the bottom of the apps.jsp file before the </table> element

      --%><th scope="row" class="lotusNowrap"><%--
        --%><img width="16" src="https://[BOARDS_URL]/img/logo-small.png" /><%--
        --%><a href="https://[URL_TO_REPLACE]/auth/connections"><%--
          --%><strong><fmt:message key="" /></strong><%--
      --%><td class="lotusNowrap lotusLastCell"><%--
        --%><a href="https://[URL_TO_REPLACE]/auth/connections?redirect_to=/todos/assigned"><%--
          --%><fmt:message key="" /><%--
      --%><td class="lotusNowrap lotusLastCell"><%--
        --%><a href="https://[URL_TO_REPLACE]/auth/connections?redirect_to=/boards/templates/public"><%--
          --%><fmt:message key="" /><%--

    Note: you must replace

    • [BOARDS_URL]
    • [URL_TO_REPLACE] with either:
      • [CONNECTIONS_URL]/boards if the Connections Header is setup, OR
      • [BOARDS_URL] if on same domain as Connections
  • Save and close the file

  • Add the Kudos Boards Strings for the Apps Menu

    • Download the strings files and extract the files to the Connections strings customisation directory:

    • Note: Please append the lines to the files if they already exist. Extra languages can also be added

  • The changes will take effect when the cluster(s) are restarted